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Blog :: 01-2021

Jimmy Fund Donation

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Congratulations to Julie Carroll, one of the members of the The Schmidt Home team, on making a recent sale on a property in Balmoral. The buyer chose to make a donation to the Jimmy Fund because the buyer's son plays in the Little League baseball game fundraiser every year- but it was not played this year because of Covid. Because of that, [...]

Spotlight: Top Lake Winnipesaukee Communities

Lake Winnipesaukee has many excellent surrounding communities, whether you are seeking a summer vacation property or a family home to call your own. Lake Winnipesaukee real estate is popular among locals and visitors alike, as it provides numerous communities around the waterfront region that each has their own unique features. There is sure [...]

2020 NH YEAR END Real Estate Summary

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To learn more about the North Country market, look at Grafton and Coos counties. For the Seacoast, Check out Strafford  county. For the western part of the state, Keene and Lake Sunapee, check out Sullivan and Cheshire counties. For southern New Hampshire, look at Hillsborough county. And for Portsmouth and the corridor towards Boston, look at Rockingham!

Here is a country map to aid you!  Want to know more - just get in touch! 

The Schmidt Home Team Reflects on 2020- Part Three

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Today we will close our reflection series on 2020 with a final post from Danielle Eldridge:

"As with many of us, 2020 was a year of many firsts for our family, both good and bad!

I became my own boss this year by starting my transaction coordinating business, which was terrifying!


Even more terrifying, my boyfriend, Aaron, quit his full time job to start working full time in Real Estate with the Schmidt Home [...]

The Schmidt Home Team Reflects on 2020- Part Two

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On New Year's Day, we shared a reflection written by Mary Ann Schmidt. Today we will share a reflection written by our teamamember, Julie Caroll.


"As with so many - 2020 had its challenges. The year started with the shocking news of the loss of Kobe Bryant then quickly shifted  to the new virus in February. My husband, Ken, is a member of [...]

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