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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Mary-Ann Schmidt's knowledge in her field is outstanding. I would highly recommend her as your real estate agent when searching for a new home. Mary-Ann went above and beyond to find us the perfect place we could call home. Her professionalism and patience in our search was greatly appreciated  and put us at ease during what can be an exciting but stressful experience.

Mary-Ann Schmidt is a professional and we experienced this throughout our listing process. She displayed time and time again a willingness to think outside the box and was very creative in her approach to selling our property.

Mary-Ann was very helpful from the first meeting through the entire process up through closing. She was accomodating with multiple requests to visit the property. I never felt any sales pressure - everything was presented in a factual manner with detailed information either presented or researched  to help guide us through the diligence process and make an informed decision. Once the decision was made to go forward, offers were presented and feedback was returned timely, resulting in a low stress negotiation. At that point, Mary-Ann presented multiple resources to help with financing options, as well as local lawyers and title search companies. The entire process was actually stress free and quite enjoyable. I've closed on 5 properties over the years and this was by far the smoothest. A good local knowledgeable agent with the ability to provide resources through the process is invaluable. Mary-Ann fits that bill.

Calm,cool,collected,and highly knowledgeable,it was a pleasure to work with Mary-Anne.All went well,and she made it look easy.A true professional!I truly believe she cares about her customers and the area towns she works in.A great experience overall.

Mary-Ann is familiar with the Lakes Region area and is available by phone or e-mail. She keeps an eye on the local market and will touch base with a client during the process. She is familiar with working electronic documents; however, everything should be doublechecked for spelling errors. She  will follow up on issues of which a client may have concerns.

Mary-Ann was very helpful and thorough throughout the entire home buying process. Our purchase happened with few complications and we closed on time. Mary-Ann helped us find an attorney and other professionals who proved to be very helpful, as well. We would refer anyone looking for an agent to  help buy or sell a property in the lakes region to contact Mary-Ann.

when mary ann came to me with my first offer, 60,000, below what i was asking, i laughed and told mary ann i wasn't even interested in making a counter offer. mary ann talked me into making a counter, at the same time telling her this guy is going nowwhere! she negotiated a price i surly wasn't  expecting and we sold the house within 4 weeks, to the same guy i said was going nowhere!!!!!

Spent a lot of time reviewing realtors for the Sandwich area as we were putting two pieces of land up for sale. We made the right choice when we contacted Mary-Ann! Mary-Ann's experience and knowledge about the Sandwich area and strategic marketing skills were evident as she clearly communicated  her marketing plan and strategies, familiarized us with town regulations and restrictions regarding allowable building plans for our parcels and didn't waste any time finding our first buyer! Within six weeks our first piece of land sold!!!! If you are looking for a realtor that can be creative with marketing strategies to attract potential buyers, is responsive to your calls and emails, is "in the know" regarding town regulations and can help walk you through a smooth purchase or sale.....call Mary-Ann! We were glad we did!

We've been well served by Mary-Ann in two separate transactions in Sandwich. She has gone above and beyond to help with local contractors to get the house ready for sale, as well as assisting after a major storm and week long power outage to keep the house from freezing. We are sure you cannot  find better representation for your real estate needs

We were not living in the area when we started looking for a home. Mary-ann was invaluable in explaining the differences in the various towns around the Lake. She was terrific in accommodating our travel schedules as well as very responsive to any of our phone calls. Mary-Ann knows the market in  the area and is very good at evaluating the statistics presented by sellers. Once we bought the property, Mary-Ann continued to be of assistance in helping us navigate services and workmen. I very highly recommend Mary-Ann. She is a treasure! She goes above and beyond! Mary M

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